Gaiden d'Ghallanda, Jr.

Owner of The Horse and Hearth


Gaidan is a wiry, nervous halfling man, and the newest owner of The Horse and Hearth, a large inn and tavern with the reliable reputation of House Ghallanda backing it. He inherited the job from his retired father, who has been having second thoughts about passing on his duties.

His sister, Ana, manages the bar at the tavern.

Gaiden has a Least Mark of Hospitality.


Gaiden Jr. spent the better part of a month trapped in a coin by his ex-fiance, Rya. When Rya tried to kill the party, they found her magic coin purse and her trapped fiancé. Upon letting him out, Gaiden explained that Rya had been trying to recruit him for some cult she had joined, and when he suggested a break, she knocked him out and trapped him in the coin.

His father assumed he had run off on his responsibilities to elope, but the party helped convince him to give his son another chance at running the place, for which is he grateful.

Gaiden d'Ghallanda, Jr.

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